This is our main service covering everything on the bike, without stripping down the bike. This includes inspection and adjustment of the brakes and gears. We also inspect tyre condition and and pressure, as well as a general clean and oil of the drivetrain. Parts are not included and will be added on top.

This is a full strip down and rebuild of the bike, cleaning and re lubricating as we go. As well as covering everything the standard service does, this will also take care of any bottom bracket and headset issues. Parts are not included and will be added on top.

Puncture repair


The streets are littered with enough sharp objects to give any cyclist puncture nightmares. Whatever the cause we are on hand to repair any wheel. We can even fix pushchairs.

Brake Service 

from £15.00

If your brakes are feeling 'spongy' or you get a screech everytime you apply the brakes then it's time to get those brake blocks replaced. It could be the difference between a stop and a crash. 

Crankset replacement

FROM £30 plus parts.

There are a few reasons you may need to replace a crankset. The teeth can wear and brake leading to the chain slipping when under pressure. Pedals may also fall off damaging the cranks in the proccess. These are all signs its time to get your crankset replaced.


Bottom bracket replacement

FROM £30 Supplied & Fitted

Chain Replacement 

FROM £10 plus parts

Cable Replacement

FROM £9.99 per cable includes fitting

Bike feel stiff when you pedal? Maybe your cranks feel loose? Then It could be time for a bottom bracket replacement. All sorts of dirt and rust can build up inside bottom brackets. Not to mention bearings wearing from general use. 

Skiping between gears and the chain slipping under pressure are classic signs that a chain needs replacing. If left unchecked a worn chain can quickly become a broken one.

Cables directly affect how gears and brakes work. Stiff or frayed cables are often the cause of gear and brake issues. If the ends of a cable are frayed, gears and brakes feel stiff and unresponsive or the cable is a rusty shade its time to replace them.

Gear service


This includes replacement of innner and outer cables and indexing of gears


Wheel Truing service

from £10.00

This includes the re-tensioning of spoken to true the wheel and replacent of up to 3 spokes.  

Tyre Replacement

FROM £20.00

This includes a budget tyre and fitting (other branded tyres available.

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