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SEE.SENSE - The smartest light ever?


Always on the lookout for the latest gadget, I saw a promo for the SEE.SENSE Icon light set and loved them immediately. SEE.SENSE were very willing to send a demo set out to us - and demo them I did!! Not being one to read instructions, I ripped the box open and plugged them in via USB. Once there was enough charge in the battery I switched them on and could tell straight away that they were bright lights, but so what? I can buy brighter lights much cheaper than the ICON+. Then I remembered the APP!!

A quick search and download and the app was installed. The pairing of the lights to the app seemed a little fiddly, but that was purely down to my impatience and in reality took no more than a minute.

I opened the app, tapped on and the front light beamed into life. my gadget juices were flowing already and I hadn't even mounted the lights yet.

The mounting took just seconds, no fiddly brackets and screws, just a very simple but effective rubber strap.

If you plan on using See.Sense as a normal light that's fine, but if you want to get the most out of its many features then we recommend you mounting your phone onto your handlebars with the amazing Quadlock system, and so at the touch of a button I was able to set my front light to full power, fixed beam, and my rear light to A+E mode. Once riding, because of the Quadlock it was very easy to switch between the various light modes.

Battery life is more than adequate and easily charged via USB. I managed to suppress my obsession to charge everything in sight and it easily lasted my weekly commute of about 9 1/2 hours.

Thankfully it was a week of trouble free commute so I didn't need to test the "too close sensor".

Great Lights we would highly recommend!

RRP £149.99.

Pro's: +

Very Light

Very Bright

Smart capabilities

App has several useful features

Sleek Design

Works great with Quadlock

Cons: -

Initial set up took longer than expected

Quite expensive

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