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Kierans Journey

Kieran is a local young man who is currently not in school or any form of education. Throughout his education he has struggled to engage with school and fit within the boundaries that school provides. Due to being bored and hanging out on the streets, Kieran has found himself going down the wrong path and getting drawn into anti-social behaviour and minor criminal activity, which has lead to him being quite

well known by the local police.

Kieran has always shown a real passion for bikes and mechanics. He is usually found riding around on his back wheel. We at Gear Up have tried to harness these skills and passions and have engaged him in our training program.

Through building up trusting relationships with key workers at Gear Up we have been able to provide mentoring support alongside teaching mechanics. This enables personal and social development in an environment that Kieran feels comfortable in.

Kieran states “I enjoy fixing bikes and helping out in the shop. I have learnt how to fix various parts on a bike and how it is important to respect people, I would like to use the experience I have gained to one day get a job in the bicycle trade. I enjoy the fact I am learning without even realising it!!”

Kieran is no different to many other 14 year olds in that he struggles with the classroom environment. Gear Up has provided Kieran with a different way of learning, that gives him the space he needs and the practical learning that he thrives on, and Kieran is really seeing the benefit of that.

Yes, we have up’s and downs with Kieran as with all the young people Gear Up are working with, but in the words of the classic Ronan Keating song “Life is a rollercoaster, you just gotta ride it!”. That is exactly what we are doing. We are with Kieran on his journey and are committed to ride alongside him through the ups and downs, to give him the best possible chance of a positive future!

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