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Gear Up provide a wide range of cycling services to business, such as Corporate bike days, cycle fleet management, support with employee schemes, ‘Dr Bike’ servicing & repair on site and much more.


Gear Up believe supporting employees getting to work by cycling is a worthwhile company investment. By promoting active travel, employers can demonstrate their corporate social responsibility and help improve staff wellbeing.

The key benefits of being a cycle-friendly employer include improved employee health and wellbeing, increased productivity, employee retention and motivation, less traffic impact on the local community and the reduced need for company car parking spaces.

Encouraging your employees to cycle to work will not only make your company greener and will instantly cut your carbon footprint. Cycling also offers many other employee health benefits such as decreased stress levels and helping to reduce anxiety and depression. Healthy and happy staff will naturally be more productive.

Incorporating cycling as part of your corporate social responsibility activities and working in partnership with us here at Gear Up, a local social enterprise doing great things within their local community, particularly among NEET (Not in employment, education or training) young people, you will be helping to create a happier and healthier, more productive workforce.


A Gear Up Corprorate Bike Day would be tailored to meet the needs and aspirations of your individual company. 
A typical bike day could include: 

  • Bike Breakfast

  • Free Servicing and Repairs for employees personal bikes

  • Group Rides (lunch time or after work. All bike and equiptment provided)

  • Smoothie Bike - pedal powered smoothie maker - highlighting benefits of both excersise and healthy eating

  • Unridable bike Challenge

  • Advice and Support

  • Work 2 Home Route Planning

There's an almost never ending list of reasons you might want to think about hosting a Bike Day.
Here's our Top 5

  1. Reward those employees whose commitment to cycling boosts their productivity and reduces their sick days. 

  2. Demonstrate your values to your employees and the world. 

  3. Help more of your staff to live well and feel great. 

  4. Stand apart from the rest and show that you really are a Top Cycling Location

  5. Help reduce your staff parking nightmare.

Bike Day is available to companies small, medium and large, near and far. Simply get in touch and lets start planning to meet your aims and objectives, AND WE WILL COME UP WITH THE RIGHT PACKAGE FOR YOU.

Smoothie bike hire

A pedal powered Smoothie maker. Perfect for promoting the benefits of both healthy eating, cycling and excersise. Available as part of the corporate bike day or seperate hire for events.  

Please contact us for more info and prices


Gear Up have vast experience with the setting up of fleets of cycles, and the management and ongoing servicing of Fleets of Bikes.  We currently have contracts in place with a number of corporates such as Birmingham City Council, AMEY PLC and the Resources group.  If you would like to know more please contact us.


"Amey LG were successful in winning a cycle grant early in 2015. Working in partnership with Gear Up, Amey were able to spend the money on 12 pool bikes for staff to use when commuting to and from work, and business use during the day. The money was also used to locate a secure storage container on site for the bikes, and all other associated equipment needed to successfully run a bike hub. Gear Up have facilitated a staff training day - to ensure Amey have a team of key staff able to maintain the bikes, they have held numerous Dr Bike sessions at the depot and their expertise has been invaluable in helping advise on the requirements to implement and manage a cycling hub that is utilised by Amey employees. Through the need to promote green travel, healthier choices for Amey employees and to support our local communities Amey wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gear Up’s services."  

Claire Jones, Project Co-ordinator, AMEY LG

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