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Quad Lock Bike Mount Review

bike mount

As an avid user of Google maps, Strava and Geocaching, I need a mount that I know I can rely on when I’m out on my bike. Over the years I’ve tried all manner of mounts but have never been completely satisfied – rarely did any of them seem secure on any sort of terrain rougher than the very smoothest of roads. Also, when out and about on the bike in the wet, many of the “all weather” protective cases rendered the phone unusable. Not so the Quadlock. I opted for the i-phone 5SE specific case. When on the phone the case is unobtrusive in the pocket and doesn’t look bad either. It also doesn’t feel like some of the cheap plastic cases that I’ve used before. It was quick to fit and had the versatility to fit on both the stem or the handlebars. Securing the phone was easy – a simple twist was all it needed. Best of all, it just felt secure when the bike was going over rougher terrain.

quad lock

+ Very simple set up

+ It looks good

+ It is lightweight

+ It feels secure on the bike

+ There are a great range of extras to choose from – armband mount, car mount and a universal mount to fit on to the back of any phone case

- It isn’t the cheapest mount on the market

- Currently there is only a black colour option

Available from Gear Up for £44.99

Overall Star rating ****

It would be a very easy 5 rating if it was slightly cheaper

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